Oud Perfumes

With its primal energy and layers upon layers of raw sophistication, oud is one of nature’s most captivating perfume scents. The scent is hard to describe, but at the same time it makes a powerful statement. Because oud perfumes for men are sure to turn heads and attract attention wherever you go.

What Is Oud?

One of the most expensive and rare components used in perfumery is oud, also known as agarwood. When processed, it turns into blackened agarwood (what we call oud), which can either be burned as incense or blended with perfume, because it’s made from dark, sticky resin from the Aquilaria tree.

What does oud smell like?

We can tell you that Oud is a mystery scent, with a woody aroma reminiscent of resin and incense. Its notes are a bit difficult to describe. However, we can tell you that it’s not for the faint-hearted. As a result of layers of warm spices in the background, it is very sensual and even smoky, sometimes slightly sweet, and sometimes just a little spicy.

Best Oud Perfumes

Woody Oud inspired by Tom Ford Oud Wood

Woody Oud, a men’s fragrance, is the perfect scent for your next outdoor adventure. Its deep, woody, and spicy aromas provide a robust and hearty aroma that will make any modern man feel masculine and edgy. Ignite your senses and step out into the wild with the illuminating strength of the Woody Oud perfume.

Middle Notes: Vanilla, SANDALWOOD

Bossy inspired by Hugo Boss Bottled Oud

Embrace the opulence and charm of bossy and make your mark. This masterful mix of spices and woody scents will have you feeling supremely confident no matter the situation. Take the lead and leave a lasting impression with this enigmatic men’s fragrance

Top Notes: Apple and Citruses
Middle Notes: Cinnamon, Saffron, Clove and Labdanum
Base Notes: Agarwood (Oud), Sandalwood and Cypriol Oil or Nagarmotha.

Dark Afgano inspired by Nasomatto Black Afgano

Dark Afgano is a men’s fragrance that radiates warmth, woodiness and thoughtfulness. Its gentle, earthy green top notes open up to a masculine blend of coffee and tobacco.

Top Notes: Cannabis And Green Notes
Middle Notes: Resins , Woodsy Notes, Tobacco And Coffee
Base Notes: Agarwood (Oud) And Incense

Fire & Smoke Inspired by Rasasi Tobacco Blaze

Be daring and explore the world of the unknown with Fire & Smoke, a warm and woody oud scent that’s perfect for all your wildest nocturnal escapades.

Top Notes: Saffron, Neroli, and Lily of Valley
Middle Notes: Apricot, Violet, Coumarin, Amber, cedar
Base Notes: Leather, Agarwood, Patchouli

Satin Oud inspired by Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Stain Mood

Satin Oud exudes desire. As it touches the skin, the blend of oud wood, vanilla, and roses from Bulgaria and Turkey makes this eau de parfum irresistibly magnetic.

Top notes : Violet, Bulgarian rose

Mid Notes : Laotian Oud, Turkish Rose

Base Notes : Vanilla, Amber, Siam Benzoin

Silk Oud – impression of by Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Oud Silk Mood

Captivating and seductive, like silk that’s on a rebellious quest to charm your socks off—unstoppable and undeniably sassy.

Top Notes: camomile, red berry

Mid Notes : bulgarian rose, marin notes

Base Notes : Agarwood, cedar, papyrus wood, patchouli

Black Oud – impression of Montale Black Aoud

A dramatic fragrance with a rich and lasting combination of Oud and Rose.A rare adventure to a place you likely haven’t explored before, and you’ll be begging for a return ticket.

Top Notes: Floral

Middle Notes: Labdanum, Tangerine, Musk

Base Notes: Patchouli, Agar Wood, Rose

Smoky Oud – impression of Armani’s Stronger with you oud

Fougere, ambery, and woody notes doing a funky dance, infused with the magical powers of opulent, woody oud. Voila, a spellbinding and long lasting oud perfume.

Top notes : Lavandin

Mid notes: Vanilla

Base Notes: Oud

Arabians Tonka inspired by Montale’s Arabians Tonka

A fancy mix of spicy swirls, enchanting roses, Tonka Bean, and Bergamot unveil the wild side of Oud, Amber, and Musk. It’s like a bold, adventurous, and sizzling fragrance that’s ready to spice.

Top notes: Saffron and Bergamot;

Middle notes: Agarwood (Oud) and Bulgarian Rose

Base notes: Sugar Cane, Tonka Bean, Amber, White Musk and Oakmoss

Dubai Meydan inspired by Dubai Meydan

If you are looking for a men’s perfume for yourself smell expensive or long-lasting seductive perfume gift for your Men look no further. Dubai Meydan, a leathery oriental fragrance, inspired from the regal Arabian stallion and the lush green fields of its majestic playground.

Top notes: grapefruit and bergamot

Middle notes: of tobacco, agarwood and cedarwood

Base Notes: leather and vetiver

The Night inspired by Frederic Malle

An oud Infused perfume having spirits of Middle east, one of the most precious perfumes on the market, and irresistible to Oud connoisseurs.

Top Notes : Turkish Rose, Saffron

Middle Notes: Indian Oud

Base Notes: Amber, Incense, Sandalwood

Get Your Oud On With Adonis

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